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Scope Clinical and Educational Services | Bulimba Psychology

Welcome to Scope Clinical and Educational Services! We are a Bulimba psychology practice with various registered psychologists, all offering different styles, theoretical frameworks and evidence-based techniques. This approach to building a cohesive practice of clinical and educational services guarantees you will be able to find the right psychologist for you. Book today, or visit our Wellbeing Store to view our unique range of products.

Accessible and practical support.

Flexibility to cater for busy lives, including mobile services and school/workplace visits.

Transparent, reliable communication.

Passion for our professions.

Personalised and professional service.

Our Story

Director Danielle Copplin established Scope Clinical & Educational in 2015. Her vision was to provide high-quality clinical and educational services that facilitate empowerment across the lifespan. At this time, Danielle engaged in professional supervision with experienced and renowned Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Kathryn Bekavac. The continuity between their professional practice, values and ethics became clear quickly and a professional partnership was born.

In 2018, we welcomed Kathryn as a Co-Director of Scope Clinical & Educational Services. Together, Danielle and Kathryn developed a unique set of services that provide simple steps to create real change.

Now, we are a group practice of registered psychologists with different styles, theoretical frameworks and evidence-based techniques. We’ve built a cohesive Bulimba psychology practice of clinical and educational services.

Scope Clinical and Educational Services are also the proud owners of Educational Toys Online.

We have hand selected our cleverly designed toys to capture the imagination of children and promote engagement with learning and independent or group play.

Click below to view the best selection of educational toys to help your child learn and grow!

From The Blog

Simple small steps and the art of goal setting

Simple small steps and the art of goal setting

Recently, when I was reviewing some previous goals and where I had got to with them, I came across a quote from teacher and philosopher Confucius. This quote is over 2,500 years old, yet the wisdom is still essential to our contemporary goal setting. “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action...

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The Analogy of the Blue Sky

The Analogy of the Blue Sky

Have you heard about the analogy of the blue sky and the weather? It is a metaphor that I find helpful in regaining perspective and a sense of calm when emotions are high. Imagine your observing self as the sky – calm, blue, unchanging. Your thoughts and feelings are the weather – changing continually, from the mightiest thunderstorm to warm...

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Top Tips to Put Down Your Phone

Top Tips to Put Down Your Phone

Most of us have likely experienced the stress of being without our phone for the day, feeling as though we're disconnected from parts of our world. This is understandable, seeing as our phones are these advanced, multipurpose tools that help us feel in touch and in control - even on the go. But when does this excessive use become a detriment to...

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5 Tips for a Flying Start to the New Term

5 Tips for a Flying Start to the New Term

It's almost that time again - the start of a new term! An opportunity for your child to not only continue their development, but feel a sense of a fresh start. And that's not all coming up this week, it's also World Youth Skills Day on the 15th - an annual global celebration that recognises the importance of equipping young people with skills for...

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All of our Psychologists are registered with AHPRA and are proud Members of the Australian Psychological Society.

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