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Our Story

Scope Clinical & Educational Services was established in 2015 by Director, Danielle Copplin. Her vision was to provide high-quality wellbeing and educational services that facilitate empowerment of individuals and families across the lifespan. At this time, Danielle engaged in professional supervision with experienced and renowned Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Kathryn Bekavac. The continuity between their professional practice, values and ethics quickly became clear and a professional partnership was born.

In 2018, Kathryn was welcomed as a Co-Director of Scope Clinical & Educational Services. Together, Danielle and Kathryn have developed a unique set of services that provide simple steps to create real change by building solutions in partnership with our clients, using a combination of Assessment, Strategy and Review.

Now, we are a group practice of registered psychologists and team members with different styles, theoretical frameworks and evidence based techniques. We’ve built a cohesive practice of clinical and educational services. Our friendly clinic space is empowering because we have designed a safe place for ourselves and the clients we serve.

From The Blog

Stress Awareness and Coping Skills

Stress Awareness and Coping Skills

With Stress Awareness Month starting today, combined with the currently panicked state of our community and world at large, what better topic to discuss...   What is Stress? It is the physiological and psychological reaction an individual experiences when they perceive the demands of a situation to go beyond their ability to cope. Some...

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Dealing with Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

Dealing with Difficult Thoughts and Feelings

"Fulfilment does not mean our difficult emotions disappear; it means we change our relationship with them" - Russ Harris, author of the Happiness Trap.   We have previously explored the practise of mindfulness on our blog, covering how to bring ourselves back to the 'here and now' by tuning into each of our 5 senses. Now we want to focus...

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Self Care in Fast Changing Times

Self Care in Fast Changing Times

Scope Clinical and Educational Services will continue to provide safe care to our community in this demanding and fast changing environment.   Psychological distress will be a prominent emotion in workplaces and suburbs across the community, and it’s not something most of us know how to address. There are major disruptions to the way people...

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The Science Behind Mindfulness

The Science Behind Mindfulness

You've probably seen the buzzword 'mindfulness' around a lot recently, from broader media and marketing, to the titles of countless books. Although the concept is evidently popular, seeming to some like the latest New Age fad, we should not undervalue the true potential of mindfulness and much of the evidence-based science behind it.   Put...

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All of our Psychologists are registered with AHPRA and proud Members of the Australian Psychological Society.

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