The Daily Gratitudes Journal


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ITEM: The Daily Gratitudes Journal

CATEGORY: Self-Love and Self-Awareness

The Daily Gratitudes Journal is designed to help you stop, reflect, digest, and process. When you practice gratitude regularly, you can experience a shift that has the potential to positively affect your well-being, mindset, body, and emotions. The journal is about taking a moment each day to step away from the hustle and bustle, to put the screens down and to celebrate the little wins, the big wins, and all the ones in between.

The pages in this journal are designed to give you five minutes to to reflect on your day, to challenge your way of thinking and to bring mindfulness of living in the moment to the forefront. Remember, not every day needs to be a momentous occasion. It’s all about the small things, the moments that usually pass you by or the achievements we might regularly brush off. This is what daily gratitude is all about!

This journal has been designed so that you can start it any time of the year.

About the Author

Lisa Messenger is an Australian entrepreneur and author. She is the owner and creative director of marketing for The Messenger Group, a book publishing company.


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