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ITEM: I am Doodle Cat by Kat Patrick

CATEGORY: Social and Emotional Development

What a great way to teach your little ones to love and appreciate everything they enjoy about life.

ABOUT THE BOOK I Am Doodle Cat is a cheerful children’s book. It encourages imagination, celebration of the things you love and finding the magic in silliness. This book shows a tomato-red Doodle Cat rejoicing in everyday pleasures such as swimming in the ocean, wearing a favourite onesie and playing guitar. Whatever your age, this book reminds you of the universe’s splendidness, and above all, to remember to love YOU!

“I Am Doodle Cat and I am one very proud drawing. I’m red like a really ripe tomato. Sometimes I find it hard to choose between dancing and clawing the rug so I just do both at the same time. I make long lists of the things I love because it’s important to remember what makes you happy. I’ll help you spot the magic in silliness and the greatness in pretty much everything. Also, my best friend is a pangolin. Let’s be pals.

KEY TOPIC: Self-Esteem, Self-Belief, Universal Splendidness

AUTHOR: Kat Patrick

ILLUSTRATOR: Lauren Marriott

RECOMMENDED AGE: 1-6 years (though we are adults and have it on our bookshelves)

FORMAT: 36 page hardback book

SIZE: 230mm × 230mm


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