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ITEM: The Totem Zen Game

CATEGORY: Family Time

The Totem Zen game by Djeco is one of skill and speed. First players must hurry to grab the right beads. Then they must carefully erect their tower without knocking it over. All of this must be done with chopsticks! Knock your tower over and back to the start you go.

Inside the game box, you will find: 64 wooden beads, 4 pairs of chopsticks & 26 Totem cards.

It’s an exciting game of skill, cunning and speed! In order to win, players must be the first to recreate the image on their card by collecting beads from the pile before their opponents do. Sounds easy – but the there’s a small catch! The players must use chopsticks to handle the beads and if the tower topples, back to the start they go. Be quick and nimble! But stay calm… A game to help develop dexterity skills, fine motor – and patience. Goodluck!


  • Players: 2-4 Players.
  • Aim of the game: Build the totems to score points. The first to twenty points wins the game.
  • Product is constructed from: Wood
  • Inside the game box, you will find: 64 assorted coloured wooden beads, 4 chopsticks, 4 building mats, 26 totem zen game cards.

Suitable for ages 6+


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