Workplace Wisdom

Today’s workplaces are complex with dynamic systems, processes and a diversity of needs. Workplace wisdom involves continually learning and deepening knowledge, reflecting on practice and maintaining direction.

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is a valuable process to help professionals reflect on their practice in a safe confidential environment, identify areas of strength and opportunities for further development, as well as engage with solution-focused problem solving.

Group Services

Our Group services for Workplace Wisdom include professional learning seminars and support for staff and student engagement. To access these services, please register your interest via our contact form.

Staff Wellbeing Surveys

Our Staff Wellbeing Surveys are offered free of charge at certain times throughout the year. You can access these services for initial evaluation and review. Please register your interest via our contact form.

One to One Services for Workplace Wisdom

Confidential Consultation for Managers

Leading and managing a business or team brings many challenges and rewards. Wise managers and leaders often have a consultant outside their workplace for dedicated time to reflect on practice and deepen knowledge. Understanding and motivating people is essential for building staff capability, developing accountability and sustaining direction. Our psychologists have valued experience in leadership positions and supporting complex people matters in large organisations. We create a safe and non-judgemental environment for a strong, confidential working alliance with managers and leaders.

Psychological Support

At this time of rapid change and increasing complexity, people in the workplace experience a range of demands, challenges and opportunities. To respond effectively to change and complexity, dedicated support and planning time serves to sustain resilience and interpersonal skills. Psychological Support sessions provide a confidential and safe opportunity for the following:

  • Problem-solving complex workplace situations or issues
  • Recognising and developing personal achievements, values, practices and points of influence
  • Evaluating and sustaining mind strength and resilience in the workplace
  • Implementing self-care strategies for optimal mental health and wellbeing

Professional Supervision

Our psychologists are STAP-accredited supervisors and provide professional supervision services to psychologists across a range of specialisations and to mental health professionals in different settings. Feedback from participants of professional supervision have acknowledged enhanced ethical competency, professional practice confidence and personal satisfaction.

Group Services for Workplace Wisdom

Our staff facilitate professional learning seminars focusing on a number of important topics, including:

  • Staff wellbeing
  • Mentally strong in the face of multiple demands and sustained pressure
  • Using coaching frameworks for team goals
  • On being and becoming a leader
  • Creating collaborative cultures
  • Health teams
  • Focussed direction
  • Securing accountability
  • Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Reflective practice and mindfulness

We also offer specialist support for staff wellbeing and student engagement support for schools.

Staff Wellbeing Surveys

We offer online survey and reporting services for teams and workplaces.

Recent research has highlighted the benefits of promoting staff wellbeing which includes a positive impact on team culture, engagement and productivity. Wellbeing surveys are an effective method for measuring, monitoring and improving the wellbeing and engagement of all staff. To check that your workplace or team is adapting to changing contexts and needs, now is a good time to collect baseline information.

The primary purpose of the online survey is to measure the well-being and engagement of staff for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To gather baseline data about the staff group as a whole
  • To understand staff needs and identify areas to improve wellbeing within the workplace
  • To invest in staff and demonstrate care for their wellbeing
  • To monitor the wellbeing of staff during times of change
  • To inform the planning of activities to foster a supportive and engaging staff culture

We will share the survey link and communication strategy ensuring complete confidentiality for staff to complete within a dedicated time frame. After the close of the survey, we will collate and interpret the results into a report with identified strengths, areas for improvement and practical recommendations.

The survey consists of 24 questions which will be organised into the following domains for reporting:

1. Staff Engagement

2. Workplace Wellbeing

3. Positive Relationships

4. Professional Support

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